Watch Friday The Part 3 On 35mm In 3-D With Larry Zerner This August

Fans are starving to see some of their favorite Friday The 13th films in theaters as many people either missed the opportunity when the films first ran in theaters on their initial release or they want to relive the great experiences from their younger years. One of the most popular films from the franchise to watch on the big screen is Friday The 13th Part 3 and the reasoning should be obvious as it is a chance to see the film in proper 3-D on 35mm film.

The historic Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, California will be showing Part 3 in glorious 3-D as a double bill along with Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror on Friday August 3rd! The screening is presented by Friday Night Frights and Cinematic Void and Shelly himself, Larry Zerner, will be in attendance as part of a Q&A with even more guests.

These 3-D screenings of Part 3 are getting more rare as the years pass so if you are able to attend this screening and have never seen the film in it's proper format, it is highly recommended you make the trip out to see Jason and numerous objects jump out from the screen at you.

Tickets are on sale now  Don’t miss out on this excellent chance to witness the film as it truly is meant to be seen!