Watch The Friday The 13th Fundraising LiveStream Marathon For Part 5-8 This Friday

Normally fans enjoy watching Friday The 13th film marathons on the most unlucky of dates, but this week I will be joining Pizowell on his Youtube channel livestream to watch the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth film for a great cause. Joining us will be Crystal Lake Memories author Peter Bracke to discuss the films as they play and all of this is being done to help preserve the original filming location of Camp Crystal Lake!

During the livestream, we hope that fans will enjoy the conversation and hopefully donate to Camp No Be Bo Sco and their Log Cabin Restoration Fund. If you decide to donate, please be sure to leave the youtube channel name "pizowell" in the "Fan Group" section on the donation page.

Watch the Support Crystal Lake video below and I hope as many Friday The 13th fans as possible tune in for some portion of our live stream marathon this Friday July 20th for some fun and interesting discussions and maybe even find out something new about the films you never knew before!

Pizowell Youtube Channel

Camp Donations:

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