Friday The 13th: The Game Single Player Challenges Available This Week!

When Friday The 13th: The Game was first announced for release in May of 2017, one of the things promised to the fans was that there would eventually be a single player game mode and challenges added outside of the online group play. Single player mode with bots was made available a number of months after launch, but the most anticipated addition to the game has been single player changes and now it is finally here.

As announced in the new trailer below, single player challenges will be added to the game on May 24th free of charge! Accompanying the challenges is an entire update to the Unreal Engine that drives the game as well as the new Counselor Victoria Sterling, Jason Part 7 rebalance, New skins for Roy, upgraded Jason grab, Jason weapon selection, PC key binding, AI improvements, and more.

Watch the excellent new video below about the update and prepare to execute and succeed in brand new challenges to #SaveCrystalLake.

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