Artist JJ Harrison Has Voorhees Self Destruct

There have been numerous incarnations of Jason Voorhees over the course of twelve films. Each film brings a unique vision of what the character’s look and personality will be on display and every fan has their favorite version of Jason. Recently, artist JJ Harrison decided to add the Voorhees family to his series called “Self Destruct”, which poses the question of what would happen if all of the different Jason characters encountered each other?

The illustration below suggests that it would not be all handshakes and hugs as Harrison presents an all out melee of epic proportions. Even young Jason and Mrs. Voorhees suffer in the skirmish, but this is a fun project to look at and try and pick out all of the different versions of the Crystal Lake slasher that have appeared over the years. Even NES 8-bit Jason joins the festivities.

If you like this illustration, check out JJ Harrison’s tumblr page for more excellent work and other parts of the Self Destruct series.