Platinum Dunes Discusses Doomed 2017 Friday The 13th Film

I know that having Platinum Dunes and doomed in any subject line is old hat to fans these days. There have been numerous attempts by the company to create a follow-up to their last franchise film, Friday The 13th 2009. Let's face it, maybe Crazy Ralph was onto something and this franchise indeed is cursed. As our readers are aware, it was a little more than a year ago that production was just about ready to commence on a brand new Friday The 13th film in the surrounding area of Atlanta, Georgia. Suddenly, with just four weeks left before principal photography was about to start, Paramount Pictures pulled the plug. Fan outrage was fierce, and many questions loomed.

There has never been an official reason why the film was shelved by either Platinum Dunes or Paramount. Recently, however, the site Rooster Teeth caught up with Brad Fuller and Andrew Form while they were out promoting their new film A Quiet Place and Eric Vespe asked the duo what the heck happened to Jason coming back to the big screen.
Brad Fuller: We never got a clear answer from Paramount as to why that movie got shut down. I think at the end of the day that administration, which is no longer there, didn't see horror as a viable part of what they were doing. Also they were coming off of Rings and that didn't help. 
For studio heads who are not fans of horror there's not a tremendous amount of glory in it other than the financial. A lot of these studios want to make big movies with big movie stars and that administration could never get excited about it. I think the rights now have reverted back to New Line.
During the interview, Brad and Andrew also mention that the ongoing litigation between Victor Miller, Sean Cunningham, and Horror Inc has also put a damper on any future plans for the franchise.  We all know that situation will hopefully be coming to a resolution by July or Victor's rights to the franchise would become official.

One thing that fans have also been wondering about was if Derek Mears was going to reprise the role of Jason Voorhees. Unfortunately, according to Andrew Form, he was not.
Andrew Form: No, because we were going way back. We were going to the '70s.
Brad Fuller: We would have put Derek in the movie (somewhere) anyway because we love him so much.
 To read the whole interview, please visit For us fans, it's hard for us to revisit would could have been, but hopefully by the Fall season this year we will have much more clarity on the next step for the Friday The 13th films.
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