Kane Hodder To Cosplay As NES And Savini Jason For Photo Ops In July

Kane Hodder, Friday The 13th fan favorite and one of the greatest Jason Voorhees actors to don the hockey mask, joins Mad Monster Party in Phoenix, Arizona the weekend of July 13-15, 2018. In addition to his work as Jason in the Friday The 13th films, Kane's impressive career spans three decades and includes many films such as Hatchet, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 and Prison. Kane has also appeared in a number of action films, especially Steven Seagal vehicles in the early 1990's

This summer, another unique opportunity has been scheduled for Kane as he will be offering photo ops in costume as the Nintendo video game Jason as well as the Savini created Jason character for the recently released Friday The 13th: The Game. Tom Savini will oversee his Jason and he and Kane are as excited as we are to see these versions come to life for the first time ever!

Mad Monster has proudly pioneered and innovated costumed photo ops, consistently upping the bar to create an immersive experience resulting in the most spectacular photo-memories fans could ever hope for. We are thrilled to see so many other shows following our lead!

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