Vintage Photos Show Friday The 13th Part 3 Opening Weekend

Gene Crowell posted some time capsule images in the Jason Lives Facebook group recently showing a theater promotion presumably for opening weekend of Friday The 13th Part 3  Here is what Gene had to say:

Here are some rarely ever seen photos of a local F13 Part 3 in 3D Jason promotional appearance in the Washington DC area in 1982.  My late friend, makeup artist, Tim Davis was hired to promote the film at local theaters. He was only given a few days notice and a few photos to work from and had to hire an unknown actor, do the makeup and take him from theatre to theatre.
Taking a look at these images, there are a few things to digest. First of all, if you have never seen the promotional standee for the film, it is awesome, very rare to find, and expensive to obtain and transport. Second, fans may wonder why the actor wore no hockey mask and went with makeup for Jason’s face? Our guess is back in 1982, there was actually no replica hockey masks available at all to use. The makeup artist used Fangoria Magazine articles to create the look of Jason on the actor. Pretty cool!

In the second photo you will see various photos from the film’s Press Kit hanging on the wall behind the Jason actor. The Part 3 Press Kit is very hard to find and quite expensive to obtain. 

So here is a nice glimpse back in time to an opening of Part 3 for those not young enough to experience it first hand. Let us know what you think in the comments and share your own Friday The 13th opening weekend stories with us.

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