‘Friday The 13th Part 6’ and ‘Never Hike Alone’ Double Feature This April

The latest Friday The 13th date will be here in less than two months and with that will be a slew of theatrical screening announcements that will definitely get fans excited. A very unique double feature was recently announced that will combine a franchise favorite with a recent fan film!

Film Never Hike Alone is a fabulous Friday The 13th fan effort that was released last October online to rave reviews and petitioned by many to be made part of the official franchise. Alas, the film may never be viewed in that capacity by the rights holders, but it definitely holds up against some of the better Friday The 13th entries. So good is Never Hike Alone that it has been programmed as a double feature with Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6.

Track Cinema will be hosting the midnight showings on Friday, April 13th and tickets are available now at the theater and soon at www.trackcinema.com  Each ticket purchase comes with a raffle ticket for prizes. Also, there’s a costume contest and other surprises. If you live in upstate New York, make plans to spend Friday The 13th with Jason Voorhees and fellow Crystal Lake fans.