Friday The 13th Fan Film 'Never Hike Alone' To Have Special Home Video Release

With a very satisfying run time of nearly 53 minutes, Womp Stomp Films' Never Hike Alone is a step in the right direction on how a studio should make the next Friday The 13th film. Never Hike Alone is by far the best looking fan film based on the story of Friday The 13th ever made. In fact, it can most definitely be argued that it is THE best Friday The 13th fan film ever.

The successful release of this landmark fan film this past October 13th has created such a swell of support that Womp Stomp Films has decided to offer a very limited offering of the film on home video. The what, where and when was revealed this past weekend at the Womp Stomp Films Facebook page for which you can read on to find out more.

Mark 3.15.18 on your calendars because Never Hike Alone is coming to Indiegogo for a one time only home video release campaign. Both Blu Ray (World Wide) and DVD (US Only) will be offered along with limited edition VHS and “Ghost Hock” Replica Mask packages, including a copy of the film’s soundtrack (CD / Tape).

This will be an exciting opportunity for our readers who truly enjoyed the film and want to add it to the franchise films already in their collection. Keep an eye here for more information when it becomes available.
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