Artist Creates Awesome 3-D Model Of Savini Hell Jason

One of the most jaw dropping additions to Gun Media’s Friday The 13th: The Game is Tom Savini’s creation of the Hell Jason. This character was a Kickstarter exclusive and still attracts a lot of attention when he shows up in a match during the game. Although the character may never be available to purchase as a DLC, fans have been asking for a figure to be created so they can proudly display him alongside other versions of Jason Voorhees.

Sadly, there will never be an officially licensed figure due to rights issues, but fans have taken it upon themselves to create custom figures and artwork of Hell Jason. One fan recently posted their 3-D model work of the character and it looks awesome! Enrique Martin has created a pretty stunning likeness of Hell Jason, which you can view below.

If you are interested in viewing the 360 degree 3-D model visit his Sketch Fab Page.

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