Young Jason Voorhees From 1980 Film Revealed For Friday The 13th: The Game

We were excited yesterday to write about the new addition of Uber Jason and Grendel map from Jason X for Friday The 13th: The Game. Fans have expressed a lot of excitement about the new reveal and are eagerly awaiting the ability to take an adventure with Jason Voorhees to space. With that in mind, game developers Gun Media had another awesome reveal ready to be discovered in Virtual Cabin 2.0 and that is young Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th 1980!

Ari Lehman first announced his Jason character was in the game on Instagram yesterday and now we have visual evidence of the mongoloid being in Gun Media's digital Crystal Lake world. This is a pretty remarkable revelation and very intriguing to see how young Jason may be used in the game, if at all. At this time we are not sure of how this character will be incorporated in the game or if this was just a fun Easter egg for the virtual cabin.

Check out the model design below and look for more information about young Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th 1980 to be announced in the coming months.

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