You Can Own 'Jovial Jason' As Part Of New Halloween Garbage Pail Kid Set

If you grew in the 1980's, you undoubtedly owned or collected Garbage Pail Kids at some point and one thing I always wanted was for Topps to collaborate with Paramount to release a Jason Voorhees themed card set from the franchise. Sadly, that never happened, but this Halloween the card company is making that wish come true in a way with special Halloween sets of famous horror characters.

On sale until November 1st, you can buy a two card set of Jason Voorhees Garbage Pail Kids With "Jovial Jason" and "Frye Day". You can buy the cards at The Topps Website and the cost for the full Haloween set is $49.99.

Below is the list of the entire set of Halloween cards available.

1a: FRYE Day

1b: Jovial JASON

2a: Reanimate TOR

2b: Hacked HERBERT

3a: THEO Thing

3b: KURT Ruffled

4a: EVIE Dead

4b: ANNIE of Darkness

5a: GILES Play

5b: Yucky CHUCKY

6a: CHET Semetary

6b: Gory GAGE

7a: BENNY Wise

7b: TIM Fury

8a: Fiery FREDDY

8b: Roasted ROBERT

9a: They LIV

9b: FOSTER Imposter

10a: Day of the ED

10b: Gory GEORGE


Includes (20) 2.5"x3.5" stickers
Ships in 3-5 Business Day