Huge 'Friday the 13th: The Game' Update: Jarvis Tapes By Adam Green, New Environment Kills, And Part 3's Fox Added!

The folks at Gun Media have been busy continuing to update and improve Friday The 13th: The Game. They have truly kept their promise of supporting the game after launch and late yesterday they announced a bevy of updates that recently went live to help enhance gameplay.

Below we have outlined all of the new updates to the game, which includes Adam Green contributing to the creation of the Tommy Jarvis Tapes!

Fox is coming to Friday the 13th: The Game! 
She is the second character to be included and will come with this latest update. Many of you might remember her from Friday the 13th: Part III, in which she becomes the 12th victim to fall to Jason. Her death inside the barn of Higgins Haven was a result of Jason grabbing her and impaling her on a rafter with his famous pitchfork.

Fox will be a strong character with a mechanical background; she’s good with repair and knows how to handle herself. She’ll be a great character for those looking to brute force their way through Jason’s wrath while still having the finesse to repair cars and boats!

Note; Fox, like Mitch, will not have access to additional outfits from premium DLC packs (Spring Break, Costume Party Pack). She is being added for FREE to all versions of the game.

Stats are as follows;

Composure: 6/10
Luck: 3/10
Repair: 6/10
Speed: 4/10
Stamina: 5/10
Stealth: 4/10
Strength: 7/10

Tommy Jarvis 2.0 Update
Tommy needed a bit of an upgrade so Gun Media has made a few changes to the character as he relates to game-play. Also, due to the popularity of the Pamela tapes, Horror director (Hatchet, Movie Crypt Podcast) and all around fan favorite Adam Green has written the Tommy Jarvis Tapes to be found around camp.

About Playing as Tommy
Players chosen as Jarvis should prioritize saving the other Counselors from Jason and helping them escape. To emphasize Tommy’s hero attributes and goals, we have introduced these following changes:

- Tommy Jarvis no longer says a variant of “I need to get out of here” when he spawns
- The text that displays when Tommy Jarvis spawns has been changed from “Escape!” to “YOU were chosen to be Tommy Jarvis” - “Save the other counselors!”
- Tommy Jarvis is no longer startled by dead bodies
- Tommy Jarvis spawns with a Medical Spray and a Pocket Knife

To incentivise these new character goals and discourage Jarvis players from escaping on their own, XP will be granted to Jarvis for sacrificing himself while there are any living Counselors nearby (20 meters). This is a one time bonus per match. The bonus will not be granted multiple times for multiple Counselors in the vicinity. Any deaths caused by Jason will grant XP - this includes death by traps. Deaths due to suicide or team kills are excluded from the bonus XP. We have also added an additional post round reward screen to show XP gained while playing as Tommy Jarvis. This will be shown after the normal Counselor reward screen.

Tommy Jarvis Tapes
There are 13 tapes that can be found in the game and can be collected the same way as the Pamela tapes. Adam Green created the story behind the tapes and you can watch his introduction to the tapes below!

New Environmental Kills
5 New environmental kills have been added to Jason's arsenal! These kills are available on every single available map and can be executed by all the Jason variants. This should spice things up a bit on Camp Crystal Lake! Counselors will need to be extra careful, as Jason is now able to use these following household items as environmental kills:

Stove Top
Boom Box
Kitchen Knife (Throat Slit)
Kitchen Knife (Stab)
Screw Driver

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