Discussing The Discovery Of Jason's Hockey Mask In Friday The 13th 2009

When Friday The 13th 2009 was in production and behind the scenes images leaked of Jason in the sack mask, everyone was excited to find out how Jason would eventually obtain his hockey mask in the film. Although the circumstances for which Jason grabbed his first hockey mask in Friday The 13th Part 3 is quite uneventful, the 2009 reboot offered a unique opportunity to revisit Jason Voorhees' seminal moment of how he would gain his iconic mask. Unfortunately, what fans were shown in theaters was a bit of a let down.

As the character Donnie investigates a strange noise in the loft of the barn, he is attacked by Jason and rips off his sack mask during a struggle before ultimately being killed by Jason's machete. As Jason bends down to pick up his sack mask, he discovers the hockey mask just lying on the floor. It's kind of a blase moment compared to what many fans were hoping would be more of defining scene in the franchise.

Of course, Donnie's death was originally a different scene that was changed before the film was released in theaters. In the original death scene, Donnie returns from the woods and sits down in a chair in the barn. He puts on a hockey mask that he finds while searching for a magazine to read. While wearing the hockey mask, Donnie notices Jason walking down the stairs from the loft with cans of kerosene. He confronts Jason for which he is decapitated by a machete. Jason then removes his sack mask, takes the hockey mask from Donnie's decapitated head and puts it on.

Some people feel the original scene gave Jason a more plausible discovery of the mask and explains why he was in the barn in the first place. What do our readers think? Did you like the original scene from the theatrical release where Jason Voorhees discovers his mask, or is the cut death scene a better way for him to obtain his legendary mask?

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