Watch Friday The 13th Part 3 With Shelly Himself This October

Fans are starving to see some of their favorite Friday The 13th films in theaters as many people either missed the opportunity when the films first ran in theaters or they want to relive the great experiences from their younger years. One of the most popular films from the franchise to watch on the big screen is Friday The 13th Part 3. It is one of the best audience participation films to experience with a large group of fans while following Chris and Shelly on their journeys to facing their past and trying to get a girl.

The great news for our readers is that Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City will be screening Friday The 13th Part 3 this October 13th! Although the presentation will not be in 3D, this is one screening of the franchise that is a hoot to attend as Larry Zerner (Shelly) and comedian Doug Benson.

Please visit for more details and to buy tickets and have fun with Chris, Rick, Shelly, Abel and the rest of the gang as they party at Higgins Haven this Friday The 13th!
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