The Friday The 13th Part 3 Japanese Movie Program Explored

Friday The 13th Part 3 has left an indelible mark on pop culture and is often looked at as one of the best audience participation films in the Friday The 13th franchise. The appreciation for the series of films is not felt only in the United States, but the world over. Each country has demonstrated their own unique ability to market Crystal Lake and Jason Voorhees, but Japan has always produced some of the best materials for showing off the Friday The 13th films.

One of the most sought after collectibles from Japan are the movie programs that were available for fans when each film was released in theaters. These booklets are a lot like magazines, but they act more like press kits that would normally be sent to news publications and theater chains. These programs were created for just about every film up to Freddy vs Jason, except for Friday The 13th: A New Beginning. There is no explanation why the fifth film in the franchise was skipped, but these programs offer a unique glimpse into how Japan marketed and catered to the fans of that country.

We thought it would be a nice little treat for our readers, and for those fans that have never seen these programs, to show off the entire contents of the Japanese program for Friday The 13th Part 3! A majority of the photos you will see in the program have been seen in other marketing materials previously, but it is fun to witness how the film was represented back in 1982 to fans outside of the United States. One fun thing to point out in the program is in the cast breakdown. All of the actors have head-shots, but the program only shows an image of the character Jason Voorhees for the late Richard Brooker.

Front and Back Cover

Page 1 and 2

Page 3 and 4

Page 5 and 6

Page 7 and 8

Page 9 and 10

Page 11 and 12

Page 13 and 14

Page 15 and 16


Page 17 and 18

Page 19 and 20

Page 21 and 22

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