Help Support Fans In Creating 'Friday The 13th: The Lost Chapter'

We all know that Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter was in no way the final movie of the franchise. But in many ways, it was the finale of the franchise as many older fans knew it to be. What came later in the series saw a tonal shift to more action orientated fare where Jason stepped out of the shadows for the entire run-time of the film and more elaborate gimmicks and concepts were used to market the franchise. Fans clamored for films to go back to the roots of the original outings to recreate a more simplistic camp slasher that brought us a deranged Mrs. Voorhees.

Friday The 13th 2009 was successful in grounding the franchise in a more realistic setting and scenario once again (at least as much as a Friday film can be) and brought fans back to Crystal Lake and the ill-fated summer camp that started it all. Before the Platinum Dunes produced film hit theaters, fans had spent many years making their own Friday The 13th films, trying to recreate the magic of the first four films from the appearance of the sack head killer to Tommy Jarvis' final deadly encounter with Jason Voorhees. That brings us back to The Final Chapter. What would have happened after the Tommy dispatched of Jason, but before his resurrection of Jason in Jason Lives?

We don't know the answer to that, but writer/director Tony Crespo does. He and his crew are gearing up to the create the latest fan film titles Friday The 13th: The Lost Chapter. Their film will be set in 1985 and will look to bring our readers and fans of the franchise back to the original feel of the first few films. The film is set for a release of October 13, 2017 and are looking for a little help to get their film made.

Tony has set up an Indiegogo page for people to donate whatever money they can to the project which includes some cool perks. Watch the short trailer and introduction videos below and see if are willing to help this ambitious project come to fruition. Find more information at the film's Facebook Page.