Elite Creature Collectibles Reveals Massive Jason Voorhees Display

Many fans of the franchise believe that Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter offers the most menacing and scary incarnation of Jason Voorhees. Having Tom Savini kill his creation in the film is historic in the horror genre, but the original concept and design for Jason's face and head in The Final Chapter came from Jim Kagel. Jim took what Savini had created with young Jason in the original film and crafted a more aged and terrifying psychopathic killer. The result of Jim's work and Savini's masterful demise of Jason in the finale of the film has left a lasting impression among fans.

If you're a fan of Jason's look from the the fourth film in the franchise then you need to witness this beast of a project being developed by Elite Creature Collectibles. The massive Jason figure and Crystal Lake display debuted last week at Monsterpalooza showing off the killer standing on a pier overlooking the lake with real water. One of the most interesting aspects of the display is what is presumed to be a young Jason Voorhees submerged in the bowels of Crystal Lake.

This is a prototype while not everything is final and Elite is awaiting approval from the licencor. There is currently no pricing or specifications for the display yet, but make sure to visit cinemaquette.com when pre-orders go live.