Check Out These Awesome Jason Stat Cards From 'Friday The 13th: The Game'

Now that we know Friday The 13th: The Game is being released on May 26th for digital download, the countdown is far past started and fans can expect more explicit details on the game play in the upcoming weeks. Posted today over at the official forum for the game, the individual strengths and weaknesses for each Jason character were outlined and briefly described.

If you like setting traps, then Part 2 Jason will definitely be your guy. Is throwing knives a hobby you fancy? Well, then Part 6 Jason will be who you want to stalk counselors with. Swimming is a favorite pastime for many, but Part 7 Jason enjoys it a little too much, you know, while treading water trying to catch flailing campers. You get the idea as each incarnation of Jason Voorhees offers players unique advantages and even crippling disadvantages in chasing down victims. You need to find which Jason fits your style the best.

Check out the strengths and weaknesses of each Jason below and let us know what you think will be your favorite representation to use.

About Friday The 13th: The Game
Friday the 13th: The Game is a third-person, asymmetrical multiplayer title where one player controls Jason Voorhees while the remaining seven control camp counselors trying to survive the night.That's right...1v7 multiplayer set in the semi-open world of Camp Crystal Lake! It's a classic horror fan's dream, no shaky cam, no found footage. We want you to know we're revitalizing the golden era of slashers, and putting you at the controls of each horrific, blood-splattered moment