Rating And Stalk Feature Revealed For 'Friday The 13th: The Game'

We are nearing the release of Friday The 13th: The Game for which it was just revealed today the game received a Mature rating. Not that it is surprising, but the rating being supplied shows more steps being taken towards release. Co-creator Wes Keltner offered up some interesting information today also about a really cool Jason ability while playing as the character in the game. Fans can activate "Stalk"!

Wes posted about this feature in the official forum for the game for which we have laid out some highlights below.

From the F13game Forums
Stalk allows the Jason player to both mute the music counselors hear when Jason is near AND boost Jason's hearing so he can pick up on counselors footsteps, opening drawers, doors, windows, etc. So let's break this down. First up, muting Jason's music.

First you could find some counselors in a barricaded cabin, break a few windows, get out of sight and then activate Stalk. Now the counselors think Jason has left the area. The coast is clear, right? We can totally climb out this window and everything is great, right? Wrong. Jason grabs and kills. 

Another way to use this ability is to plan ahead for a jump scare. Perhaps you select a building that you know will be a hot area for counselors. Perhaps a cabin next to the car. There's a good chance there's a car part in there, right? So you morph to that building, go inside, and activate Stalk. Now you just stand there and wait. A counselor enters the cabin, barricades the door and starts looking for stuff in drawers. Muhahaha...It's never a good idea to lock yourself in with Jason. It's hard to describe the glee felt when a counselor turns around from locking the door and you're standing there as Jason. Satisfying, to say the least

Wes also posted a few screenshots of what the in-game screen would look like when Jason is in Stalk mode, which can be seen below.

Normal Jason:




Stalk Activated Jason:




This feature will definitely add a new dimension of strategy and fear to the gameplay. Look for the game to release soon.

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