Zombies And Jason In Fan Film Homage To Nintendo's Friday The 13th Game

We have been on a bit of hiatus, and as such are catching up with news around the web. Last week we were contacted by writer/director Michael Romova about his unique film project that brings to life the infamous Nintendo Friday The 13th video game!

LJN's 1989 game was a bit rough around the edges and during its initial release that year, it received less than favorable reviews. Fans of the films were a bit perplexed as to why zombies were in the game and avid gamers were having trouble figuring out why going left meant you were actually going right. Jason Voorhees was purple and Mrs. Voorhees' head floated in the air. What the hell was this game? Well, that craziness is now reality, in a weird and twisted way as Redvolver Studios presents Friday The 13th: The NES Video Game Fan Film.

Check out the wild fan film below and let us know what you think of colorful zombies in a Friday The 13th fan film!?

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