Kotobukiya Announces First Horror Statue, ARTFX Part 3 Jason Voorhees

Friday The 13th collectibles have never been in higher demand with fans indulging their love of the franchise by acquiring as many shirts, figures, posters and other merchandise as possible. A few years ago, Kotobukiya (a producer of soft vinyl and painted resin statues from Japan) released an unique entry into collectibles for our readers with the Jason Voorhees Bishoujo Statue.

That product found it's fans, but something even better and a huge surprise was just announced by the company tonight that we know will excite the avid collectors. Kotobukiya is releasing their first horror ARTFX statue and it is Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th Part 3! The statue is 1/6 scale and comes with an axe and machete.

View images of the new statue below and read the announcement for more details about the release which will be available in June 2017.


Friday The 13th Part III Jason Voorhees ARTFX Statue

A Kotobukiya Japanese import! Kotobukiya is taking a huge step into the world of horror, bringing you a classic film slasher direct from Camp Crystal Lake. The first in a new series of elite scale ARTFX Statues and stepping right off the screen from Friday the 13th Part III is JASON VOORHEES! After Pamela Voorhees prevented the summer camp’s triumphant re-opening in protest for her son’s apparent death there years earlier, the now adult Jason returns to cause mayhem and havoc of his own. In Part III Voorhees makes his way to a nearby homestead and sets upon the teenagers staying there, and it is in this film that he finds and dons the hockey mask that has made the character so iconic. That’s the look captured here in stunning ARTFX quality! An unstoppable engine of destruction on the rampage, Jason Voorhees prowls straight ahead and woe betide anyone who gets in his way. The slasher wears bedraggled and ominously ill-fitting garments including black shoes, a black shirt, and blue trousers marred by a bloody wound above his right knee. A hulking creature, Jason leans forward as he walks, his long arms hanging low at his sides. The horror icon has a grossly distended and flabby neck, and the exposed part of his head is bald with tiny and malformed ears. Of course, his face is covered by the frightening white hockey mask with red accents held on with gray straps and silver fasteners. No eyes can be seen peering out of the darkened holes of the mask, which only heightens the creepy factor. Finally, with interchangeable parts you can display your Jason with your preferred weapon for dispatching teenagers: either a machete or hatchet! Sculpted by Naoya Muto, Friday the 13th Part III Jason Voorhees stands a hulking 11 inches tall (1/6 scale) on a detailed terrain display base. The Camp Crystal Lake slasher is perfect for fans of the horror franchise! Available June 2017. © NLP, Inc. (s17)