Fright-Rags To Offer Victims And Survivors Shirt For Friday The 13th

Fright-Rags has done a spectacular job of offering some of the most innovative and relevant shirt designs for the Friday The 13th franchise ever. Their designs always capture the true essence of each film they create a shirt for and now the company has unleashed another awesome masterpiece.

Released in their coveted Midnight Madness Tee promotion, Victims And Survivors is an awesome tribute to the first four films in the Friday The 13th Franchise. On the front of the shirt are all of the victims from Friday The 13th 1980 through Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter. On the back of the tee are the survivors of those films.

This is truly a must have for our readers and fans of the films. Finally a shirt that commemorates all of the great characters that started it all for the franchise. This limited t-shirt is only available for 24 hours starting at 12:00 am on Friday (January 13th) and ending at 12:00 am on Saturday (January 14th). Make sure to visit this Friday to get your Victims and Survivors shirt!