New Book 'Slash Of The Titans' Chronicles 'Freddy Vs Jason' Development Hell

Entering a brand new century brought renewed hope in the Friday The 13th film franchise. Fans already expected the release of Jason X, but were wondering if the long in development Freddy vs Jason would finally get it's long overdue debut on the big screen. Immediately after Jason X was released in theaters in April 2002, Freddy vs Jason was finally given the go ahead with a script by fans of both franchises, Mark Swift and Damian Shannon.

The film's box office success catapulted New Line Cinema and parent company Warner Bros. to begin anew with both Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger properties. However, before all of that success happened, the road to getting Jason and Freddy together on the big screen was painful and an almost seemed impossible. We have all heard the stories in Crystal Lake Memories the book and documentary, but now author Dustin McNeill is bringing the fans the whole truth behind the development hell of the horror team up with his book Slash Of The Titans. McNeill revealed the book exclusively to Bloody Disgusting and has the following to say.

Slash of the Titans: The Road to Freddy vs. Jason is not specifically about the 2003 film, but rather about the ten years the project spent in development hell. As I like to say, it’s the story of one film, two horror icons and an army of screenwriters. My book explores ten wildly different directions considered for Freddy vs Jason with comments from many of the people involved. I’m currently shooting for a February release.

You can bet our readers will be looking forward to this book this February. For more information, check out the book's website at

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