Check Out These Awesome Video Captures Of Jason Kills From Friday The 13th: The Game Beta Play

Last week, leading up to Christmas, Gun Media unleashed their Beta version of Friday The 13th: The Game and numerous franchise fans and gamers were blessed with being able to give the game a test run to see what works and what needs some tweaking. Developer Illfonic has crafted a great experience that places you into the films and the environment that we all grew up watching and fearing.

I played the Beta myself and had a great time. It was something I dreamed about since I was a little kid and cannot wait to play the full game in the Spring. With that being said, we have been getting asked a lot of questions to the website about the Beta experience and what kind of kills fans can look forward to seeing in the game. It's more impactful to just show the kills instead of try to describe them, however, I didn't take any screen captures during my gaming as I was too into what was going on. However, one fan did capture some amazing videos of some of the best kills in the game so why not share them.

User DaOpa on Imgur has posted some really great kills from the game, including that sleeping bag kill that everyone has been wanting to see. Check out he kills below and let us know what you think!