Return To Camp Blood Podcast: Interview With Franchise Creator Sean S. Cunningham

Welcome to the Return To Camp Blood Podcast! In the latest episode from our contributor Podcast series, hosts Eric Walford, Nathan Barker, and Landon Evanson talk to Sean S. Cunningham, the man who was the driving force behind creating the Friday The 13th franchise. 

Tonight we are joined around the campfire by a man who not only brought about but has remained a driving force behind one of the most prolific and beloved franchises in horror history, but you Friday fanatics already know that. Sean S. Cunningham was responsible for the advertising campaign that made Friday the 13th “must see” in 1980, well before Jason became the reason to visit Camp Crystal Lake, worked closely with the late, great Wes Craven and 36 years after Mrs. Voorhees ventured upon revenge, Cunningham’s characters are being developed into what promises to be an epic video game. We are proud to welcome Mr. Cunningham to the program.

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