Watch 'Jason Lives' With The Director At The Massacre This October

There is a great opportunity to watch one of the most critically received films in the franchise at a theater screening soon and this Halloween season fans can see Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part VI!

The Massacre is a huge horror movie marathon taking place on October 22nd at The Patio Theater in Chicago and presented by Terror In The Aisles. Included in the event is a showing of Jason Lives with a very special appearance by director Tom McLoughlin! Check out the details below.

The Massacre


Saturday, Oct. 22nd

Patio Theater
6008 W. Irving Park Rd.
Chicago, IL

DR. PYCKLE & MR. PRIDE (Stan Laurel Silent film with live
organ by The Phantom)

HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney Jr.)
Sponsored by House of Monsters

BLACK SUNDAY (Mario Bava!)

ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 (John Carpenter!)

50's Fake Trailer Shorts

(Cronenberg Craziness!) with star Lynn Lowry in Person!

FRIDAY THE 13th Pt. 6: JASON LIVES (30th Anniversary!)
Director Tommy McLoughlin in Person!

HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY (Lucio Fulci) with star
Giovanni Frezza! Sponsored by Blu-Underground

EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN (Raimi Rules!)

INFERNO (Dario Argento Classic!) Sponsored by
The Secret Cinema!


THE OMEN (40th Anniversary!)

LOST BOYS (80's Awesomeness!)

More Films To Come!

Plus: Fake 50's B-Movie Trailer Competition Entries:

The Giant Hand - by N.M.E. Films
The Eighth Victim - by Nathaniel Sexton & Christopher Green
Red Herring - by Ava Nancy & Bryan Behooved
SOME THING - by weAREproductions
The Drowning Pond - by The Terrible Terrazas Gang
Monsters Against Mars - by Bargain Basement Productions
It Came From Everywhere! - by Grand River Pictures
The Invasion of the Disco Loving Robots From Planet X -
by Lomai
Midnight Mystery - by Bernie Gonzalez
Flamhimibimimus - by Taylor Cook
It Sucks - by Landon Reese Deaton & Michael Jones
The Atomic Zombie - by Herman Kurner
El Gato by The Perez Brothers
Feed - by Andrew Bertholf
Evil Waves - by Champions of the Cosmos
Donna and Daphne - by Katryna Oliveau
The Satanic Panic of Boddington Village - by Christopher Kahler
The Atomic Cat - by Lloyd James Emmons
The Horrible Experiments of Dr.Quack - by Tom Zarzecki

Short Films Include:
BLOODSPRAY - by Pat O'Sullivan & Mike Vanderbilt (Presented by Daily Grindhouse)
PLAY DEAD WITH ME - by Adam Michaels & Chaz Dray
Sausage Fingers - by
A Diary of Fear 'Chapter One' By Patrick Miken Lewtschanyn
"Pay Your Respects" by Actual Murderers Comedy
Whoa, I'm Dating a...Werewolf - by Tim Troemner