Watch Tom Savini Designed Kills Montage In 'Friday The 13th: The Game'!

With kids back in school and the calendar now into the month of September, it's safe to say that summer is over and the fall season is in full swing. That's good news for Friday The 13th fans as that means Friday The 13th: The Game is nearing release. To get people even more excited, producers Gun Media held a panel last night at Pax West in Seattle to show off their designs of Jason which was capped off by an awesome montage.

The Kill Montage video put Tom Savini's designed deaths on full display using the Part 2, Part 3, and Part 7 Jason Voorhees models with brutal results. The video is accompanied by an awesome retro 80's song (appropriately titled "XIII") by the band Crazy Lixx, who have songs featured in the game itself.

Check out the video below and watch out for the last kill, it is brutal!