Using 'Friday The 13th Part 13' As Title For New Sequel

It's a marketing no brainer to have "13" in the title for the new film and something that could realistically aid in selling more tickets for Paramount. However, does it really make any sense at all to call the next film in the franchise 'Part 13'? Realistically, the term 'Part' hasn't been utilized in a Friday The 13th film title since the 1980's, and it definitely makes sense why it hasn't when you think about it. Those eight films that Paramount released during that decade are truly one cohesive set of films and a nice time capsule for that period in cinematic viewing.

In retrospect, there has been The Final Chapter, A New Beginning, The Final Friday, Jason in New York and his journey to Space. It really is hard to know what is more unkillable, Jason Voorhees or the franchise itself? That answer may never truly be explored by Paramount or Warner Bros., but for me, I have always allowed the franchise the room it needed to try different things, whether they worked or not. Of course, while growing up reading the many statements in Fangoria Magazine that the franchise would go up to Friday the 13th Part 13, I never wavered in my devotion to the Friday The 13th films. I knew nothing would ever really affect the franchise in allowing for a thirteenth film to be made. It was just a matter of time.

So, here we are on the precipice of the thirteenth film in the franchise. Should we really be calling it Friday The 13th Part 13? It's hard to swallow as the first eight films followed one right after another with a flow, however uneven it may have seemed to the casual viewer. After Paramount sold the rights to New Line, each film became it's own little story in Friday The 13th lore, but nothing in story that really connected back to the original Paramount series. To call the next film (To be released in 2017) the 13th part of anything just seems a bit misleading.

Whatever Paramount decides, I have to admit a cool poster that just featured the numbers 13 in blood would be darn effective. Heck, they could even do something like the Halloween series did when they called their twentieth anniversary film H20. How about 'F13'? Too simple? Well, in the mean time we can leave it up to the guys in marketing at Paramount while I look at the next film as another new beginning for Jason Voorhees.
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