Creating The Prologue For 'Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood'

One of the best parts of watching a Friday The 13th film is experiencing the Prologue of each installment and finding out how it will relate to the rest of the film. The earlier films that were produced in the 1980's were notorious for using the prologue to recap the previous franchise entries events as a way to catch the audience up on what had already transpired. The two most talked about prologues from that era are from Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter and Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood.

Both films used a montage piece in their prologue grabbing a number of scenes from the previous films to help tell the story of what happened leading up to the current film. The New Blood montage was interesting in that the person tasked with creating the prologue had never seen the previous Friday The 13th films and the person who performed the voice-over work had a very special tie to the franchise.

Editor Barry Zetlin was nearing the end of post-production when producers approached him about creating a prologue that recapped the previous films in the franchise. He had never watched any of the Friday The 13th films, so he was given VHS tapes of the previous six films to watch. As Barry mentioned in Peter Bracke's Crystal Lake Memories: "I sped through them and marked down any cool scene I saw. “Oh, the wheelchair guy is going down the stairs! Oh, Corey Feldman!” I just built a wild montage of all these great moments, which was actually quite fun in the end because I got to show all the choicest bits from the series."

After Barry Zetlin put the scenes together, composer Fred Mollin added his score which is actually quite effective and blends quite well with Harry Manfredini's stock score from previous films. The final component for the prologue was adding a voice-over to help recap events from the films and producers enlisted a familiar name that had attained cult status from Friday The 13th fans. Walt Gorney, who gave an excellent performance as Crazy Ralph in Friday The 13th 1980 and Friday The 13th Part 2, was brought in to do voice-over work and help tell the tale of the prologue.

Some critics believe the prologue for Friday The 13th Part 7 to be the best part of the film, but many fans think it is a great tone setter for the rest of the film.

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