Witness The 'Freddy vs Jason' Crew Shirt

What better day to post about the super rare Freddy vs Jason crew shirt than on the anniversary of the release of the film. As many of you know, the people who worked on the films of the franchise were given the opportunity to acquire their very own crew shirt and/or jacket when production wrapped. These items usually depicted something unique about each film a person worked on and there is nothing more unique than working on a film that matched Jason Voorhees up against Freddy Krueger.

Mario Kirner recently added images of his Freddy vs Jason Crew shirt to the Friday The 13th Props Museum for which the shirt shows Freddy's glove and Jason's machete. At the very top of the shirt it reads "Visual Effects Crew - Freddy vs. Jason - 2003". This is another fun production item to own from the films of the franchise and one this always highly sought after from collectors of both film franchises.

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