Does 'Friday The 13th 2009' Prove The Voorhees House Was Located In Camp Crystal Lake?

One of the most often asked questions pertaining to Jason Voorhees has to do with his residence in the town of Crystal Lake and how close it really is to Camp Crystal Lake. One of the longest running debates is that of Jason's shack in Friday The 13th Part 2 and its proximity to the cursed campgrounds. The theory is that Jason's shack is deep in the woods, which is why no one had found it until Deputy Winslow stumbled across the dilapidated structure while in a foot pursuit of the masked maniac. This would make sense as Jason survived many years as a recluse with no one aware that he really was alive. He was just a legend, nothing more.

There are those fans, however, that believe that Jason's shack is either very near Camp Crystal Lake or actually on the property itself. In fact, some fans even claim that Jason's shack is not a shack but an old cabin that has had pieces added to it, which would explain the shack-like features. Regardless of which different theory you may believe, Jason living near or on the campground has always added to the legend and lore of the Voorhees curse on Crystal Lake.

During the opening scenes of Friday The 13th 2009, Whitney and her boyfriend Mike find the old Camp Crystal Lake and eventually make their way into what looks to be the Voorhees house. They find old family pictures and trinkets and soon come across a child's room with with the name "Jason" carved into the headboard. The obvious assumption to be made is that the pair have walked straight into the lions den and have discovered the Voorhees house. So the questions is this, is the Voorhees house really located on the campground? Did Jason move these items into an old abandoned cabin to make it seem like home? Or is the Voorhees house located further outside the camp, but the film does a poor job of conveying that to the audience?

Regardless of the true answer, Jason living in the area that he kills has always been a terrifying aspect for film-goers to take in, which is why so many fans enjoyed Part 2 and Jason's hooded killing ways. The 2009 film does a good job of trying to translate that fear of Jason living among his victims, much like the 1981 film.  So what are your thoughts? Do you think Whitney and Mike's discovery in the opening of the 2009 film is indeed the Voorhees house? Is it located within the camp, or is it just a cabin filled with memorabilia of Jason's past?
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