Funko Brings Jason Voorhees Into Fabrikations Collector Line

Funko has been offering their tiny vinyl figures for a number of years now as part of the Pop! series. They released their first Jason Voorhees figure back in 2010 and it was a huge success among the fans. Last year, the collectible company released a Comic Con exclusive of the Crystal Lake slasher that got fan's attention as it was a mask-less Jason Voorhees vinyl figure. Now he is about to become a bit of a softy, thanks to his likeness venturing into a different line from the toy company.

Just announced by Funko yesterday, Jason will be spotted in Funko's Fabrikations, which is a soft sculpture series for characters. The figure will be available in September and comes complete with machete.

What do you think of the figure? Will you be adding this to your collection?