Watch Nearly 5 Minutes Of 'Friday The 13th: The Game'!

Friday The 13th fans have been waiting to see some gameplay video of the highly anticipated Friday the 13th: The Game for months now and late last night the first in-game playing footage was revealed at the E3 Expo!

The video shows off early Alpha gameplay so some elements still need some fine tuning, but otherwise this looks absolutely fantastic! I love that Gun Media decided to show off some of the Part 3 environment while Jason Voorhees dispatches his victims.

One of the big highlights from footage is that when you play as Jason, he hears Pamela Voorhees talk to him. That's awesome, and the fact that she says "punish them" is outstanding (some outlets think she is saying punch them for some odd reason?). After Jason kills one of his victims, Pamela has a really eerie and evil laugh as she enjoys Jason's handy work. Another interesting addition to the game is that Jason can teleport to different areas of the map. It will be interesting to see how fans react to this.

During the footage, one of the counselors turns on the radio in a room and opens a window to try and trick Jason while he hides. The song on the radio, "I just wanna live before I die", is pretty awesome and has a cool 80's sound. The music is by the band Crazy Lixx and is just one of two new songs they will have in the game which will be released to buy in 2017.

What do you think of the game so far? We think it's going to be an epic addition to the franchise.