New Details Show Upcoming Friday The 13th Film A Period Piece At Camp

It's been a fun couple of weeks for our readers as there have been a number of interviews conducted with Friday The 13th producers Platinum Dunes about the upcoming film, slated for release on January 13, 2017. These interviews have revealed some interesting details about the new film and especially the fact that we may get to see the entire Voorhees family together on film for the first time. However, there has been a retraction of sorts on a lot of what has been reported the last few weeks as iHorror recently interviewed Brad Fuller whereas he has pumped the breaks on the whole origin talk.

"'Origin' isn’t really the right word for this movie. The word 'origin' got out and everyone’s calling it an origin film now, but that isn’t exactly the direction we’re taking. We went down the origin route with the second 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' film, and I think when you go to deep into a character’s origin, the character stops being scary at some point. I’m not worried about demystifying Jason by revealing parts of his back story, which most of the fans are familiar with"

If this isn't going to be an origin story, what can fans look forward to seeing, and when the film take place. Well, it looks like we could be getting a proper reboot, per Brad Fuller and Fans should be excited.

"It’s more of an alternate world that we’re creating for Jason — an alternate space, alternate reality. Yes, Pamela and Jason are together in this film, but this is the same Jason we all know and love. He’s Jason; he kills — he kills teenagers. The story takes place between the late 1970s and the early 1980s, says Fuller. There is a summer camp, and there are camp counselors."

If we are going back to the 1970's/1980's, is Jason's father, Elias Voorhees, still in the plans? It seems like Fuller had to backtrack on statements about Elias as he was non-committal on the character actually being in the film.

"No, we haven’t decided whether or not Elias will appear in the film. Again, that was a comment I made, which was a response to a question about whether or not Elias would be a part of this film. I said that including Jason’s father was an idea, a possibility, but it’s not at all a certainty that he’ll appear in the film. The main relationship is between Pamela and Jason."

With all of these story elements being revealed, is Friday The 13th close to production beginning and if so, can the new film make the slated January 13, 2017 release date? We have been saying no to the release date here at the website for the last couple of weeks, but anything can happen, right? Well, Fuller seems to be thinking the same as we have been.

"We’re moving fast. All of our energies are now focused on this new 'Friday the 13th,' and we’re laser-focused. First, we had to release the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' movie, and we’ve just been finishing up the next 'Ouija' film. Now it’s all about 'Friday the 13th.' "That decision will be made by Paramount Pictures, and I’m sure they will announce a release date soon — whether it’s the next Friday the thirteenth date in October 2017, or another date altogether. Things are moving very fast, and we all know that these films can be filmed and then released very quickly. We’re now looking for a director and hope to start filming soon."

It looks like we are getting a proper franchise reboot with an alternate timeline, much like Paramount did with the Star Trek series a few years ago. Most fans will be happy to get a Friday The 13th film set in the early 1980's at Camp Crystal Lake. What does everyone think?