'Friday The 13th: The Series' Re-Releases On Home Video Late Summer, Most Likely On Blu-Ray

When Platinum Dunes was preparing to release their new Friday The 13th film in February of 2009, Paramount Home Video was ready to cash in on the excitement when they created new DVD and Blu-Ray releases of their films from the 1980's. Lost among the hoopla initially was that the original series from the producers of the films of the same decade was also being released on digital format for the first time. The DVD's of the syndicated Friday The 13th: The Series were released in individual seasons at first and then as a complete box set. Fans of the series were happy to get the series at all, but over the years, many of our readers who followed the series have been asking for high definition transfers of the show. Hold on as they may be coming!

We were just sent some exciting information that first popped up on Bloody Disgusting that Paramount Home Video and CBS Home Entertainment will be re-releasing the series on September 6, 2016! What isn't officially known yet is if these are high definition transfers on Blu-Ray or if there are new extras being added to the collection? I have been told that these episodes may be on Blu-Ray but am waiting for official confirmation to say for sure the series is being released on Blu. Also waiting in the wings is the idea of new extras. We have inquired about this and hope to hear something soon. The new artwork can be seen below.

If the show is released in high definition, will you being buying the collection of three seasons?

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