Tom McLoughlin Joins 'Friday The 13th: The Game' To Produce The 'Pamela Voorhees Tapes', Possible VR Added To Game!

Happy Friday The 13th everyone! Well, we have some awesome and exciting news for our reads and fans of the franchise. Fangoria just posted their exclusive details about some awesome additions to Friday The 13th: The Game. First off, Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part VI director Tom McLoughlin has joined the creative team for the game and has been tasked with something very unique and special for the gaming experience.....Creating the Pamela Voorhees Tapes!

From Fangoria
McLoughlin was hired to pen what may be one of the coolest in-game collectibles gamers will ever see—or in this case, hear: “The Pamela Voorhees Tapes,” giving Jason’s mother and the first movie’s killer a place in the scenario. According to Keltner, “Survivors/counselors will be able to discover the tapes during a match. Their locations will be randomly generated in the level, and there will be several to collect. Once the player discovers one, it simply drops into their inventory. They can listen to the tapes later, in the menu system.”

Keltner elaborates, “ ‘The Pamela Tapes’ will provide some background to her story: How she came to Crystal Lake, her relationship with her son Jason and then the events surrounding his loss, and how this triggered a downward spiral in her sanity.

This is a very clever way to incorporate Mrs. Voorhees into the game and give long time fans a fully immersive experience that makes them feel like all films are being included in the game. McLoughlin announces his involvement in the video below.

 To voice Pamela Voorhees, Gun Media selected Jen Burton who also voiced Mrs. Voorhees in the game's initial announcement trailer. We really liked the voice in the trailer and think this new feature is a home run.

Gun Media has even considered VR for the game!

Keltner reveals that they have considered virtual reality for a potential additional experience.

“VR is amazing,” he says. “We’ve touched every product currently available. It goes without saying that a first-person VR experience where you play as Jason would be incredible. Can you imagine physically looking down and seeing Jason’s arm carrying a machete? I get chills thinking about it. Perhaps there’s a publishing partner out there somewhere reading this who feels as strongly about this…strong enough to open their wallet [laughs].”

This is very exciting news in all as Tom is an excellent writer and came up with possibly the best script in the franchise when he made his film. Keep an eye for more information on the game in the near future!