Ruben Morales and Beyond Disgusting Studios unveil the DAGGER FROM HELL

It is no secret, either on this website or amongst the droves of Friday the 13th fans across the globe, that Jason Goes To Hell is the singular most controversial film in the series. A fact that many fans will argue until they are blue in the face; for it, against it, love it, hate it. One thing, however, is a universal truth. Jason Goes To Hell had INCREDIBLE fx. Either in the form of super-creative kills, the makeup and design of everyone's favorite mask-wearing slasher, or(in perhaps a more under-appreciated facet) the films prop design and fabrication.

The dagger has been meticulously recreated using all available reference from the film-used prop.

You may remember over the years that we have brought you the latest news on a certain screen-used dagger from the film, as well as an entirely accurate prop replica produced by one of the FX artists involved in the film. Said items are now long-since purchased, and out of reach to fans of the cult-classic sequel. Hope is not lost, however, as an exciting new project amongst fans-turned-professionals hopes to alleviate the collector's itch for Jason Goes To Hell's most outlandish and well-executed prop.

Ruben Morales, in a collaborative effort with Beyond Disgusting Studios and, have unveiled the following images as proof of what they have been working on; an entirely screen accurate replica of the dagger used by Keri Keegan to send Jason straight to hell.

The dagger has been reproduced in the form of a 3D model, which will then be printed and molded in two separate pieces(handle and blade) and cast in resin. It will be available as a completely finished prop replica!

Beyond Disgusting Studios is currently open for preorders, and all interested parties are encouraged to reach out via their website.

What do you think? Is this incredible collectible worthy of your collection?