Friday The 13th Props Museum Contributes To 'Friday The 13th: The Game'

Gun Media and Illfonic are hard at work creating the ultimate Friday The 13th game and they are striving to produce the most realistic representation of the films possible to please the fans. In a couple of weeks they will be at Pax East to talk about the game and have hinted that we may get to see some game play at the event. That is very exciting and we cannot wait to see the progress of the game!

In the mean time, production moves forward on the game and part of the process of making the most realistic Friday The 13th game possible sometimes involves going to the source of the films, which includes actual screen used props. Currently, Gun Media is working on perfecting the look of Jason from Friday The 13th Part 7 for the game and have enlisted the help of Mario Kirner and the Friday The 13th Props Museum to display a screen accurate hockey mask for the project. Mario owns the screen-used mask worn by Kane Hodder and is really excited to be helping out with game.

Below is an image from Mario's studio photographing the hock for color matching. If anyone was worried that Jason and the Crystal Lake environment would not be authentic in the game, here is more proof to put that worry to rest!