Cool Behind The Scenes Photo Of Mr. Shepard Grabbing Jason In 'Friday The 13th Part 7'

According to Director John Carl Buechler, Producer Barbara Sachs along with MPAA forced him to change his originally intended ending for Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood for which a rotted Mr. Shepard (John Otrin) would emerge from the lake to drag Jason Voorhees to his watery grave. He instead added a more visually appealing version of the character with only bits of mud applied to Mr. Otrin's body and face. The sequence is one of the most supernatural events to occur in the franchise until Jason Goes To Hell was released in theaters in 1993.

Posted below is a quite rare photo, sent to us recently, snapped during production of The New Blood that shows the moment Mr. Shepard breaks through the wooden dock to grab Jason. This is a cool angle of the climactic scene and a moment in the film that could have been a lot more impactful if left to it's original look.

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