Check Out This 'Friday The 13th' 1980 Motion Poster

It has been nearly 36 years since the original film in the franchise was released in theaters and Friday The 13th 1980 still to this day has a deep rooted effect on those who grew up watching it. Since the turn of the century, fans have been very lucky to receive large amounts of merchandise and newly created promotional material to help spice up the love of the franchise.

Much like the 2009 poster, we were recently sent a great motion poster for the 1980 film that really does liven up our first trip to Camp Crystal Lake. The motion poster below shows Jack, Ned, and Marcy arriving at camp as they drive by the infamous camp sign. These motion posters are a lot of fun and we will be highlighting more of them in the future. What do you think of the poster and what scene would you use to create your own poster?