Fangoria Magazine And Friday The 13th: Issue #6 (Detailed Look At Friday The 13th 1980)

Continuing our look at the relationship of Fangoria Magazine and the Friday the 13th film franchise, today's article examines issue #6. Fangoria celebrated it's one year anniversary with this issue for which it discussed two of the up and coming F/X artists at the time, Rob Bottin and Tom Savini. There are a lot of genre fans that don't know about Rob Bottin. His work within the werewolf subgenre in the 80's redefined how those creatures were created and portrayed onscreen, and lets not forget that he was a major part of the effects of the 1987 Robocop film. Mr. Bottin was also a part of the Freddy vs Jason realm for a while, attached as Director!

The section on Tom Savini in this issue talks about his work on Maniac and Friday The 13th 1980 and shows off a pretty awesome array of images where the casting of actor Ari Lehman's head is depicted for the gruesome creation of young Jason Voorhees. This section is a good read for fans of the Friday The 13th and of Savini. The highlight of the issue is about Friday The 13th 1980 where Sean Cunningham is interviewed about the film and why he decided to create it. Most fans know the answer now, but it is still interesting to read his thoughts from over 35 years ago, before the franchise became what it is now.

In the article, there are some very rare behind the scenes photos that many fans may have never seen before. All of the images are posted below, so enjoy!