Custom Friday The 13th VHS Covers Use Old School Cool

The Friday The 13th films were born when the home video era was at it's peak and anyone who grew up watching the Paramount films of the 1980's surely coveted their VHS collection of the franchise. Genre enthusiasts have been in the midst of retro revolution the past ten years with vinyl albums making a huge comeback due to re-releases of our favorite horror soundtracks. Simply put, we want to hold onto an era that made us all feel great in our youth and as such, some of us really want the VHS tape to make a comeback as well.

Although it is highly unlikely that there will be another VHS boom, many artists apply their talent to create custom VHS cover art for our favorite films. Recently, VHS Wasteland showed off some of their retro Friday The 13th VHS covers which include a cybernetic Jason Voorhees (No, not uber-Jason) and classic Universal Pictures monster throwback that will make fans of the Dracula and Wolfman era proud.

Take a look at the covers below and let us know what you think!