Take Vera's Harpooned Eye For A Spin With 'Friday The 13th Part 3' Vinyl Soundtrack Next Week

Ever since Waxwork Records revealed they would be releasing a vinyl soundtrack for Friday The 13th Part 3, many of our readers have been waiting patiently to find out when the record would be available to purchase. Now, it looks as though the wait is over. The record label just posted on their Twitter account "See you at camp next week" along with a short video of the record playing. That video is posted below for listening and notice the center of the record. It's Vera's eye from her harpoon death by Jason Voorhees in the film.

The 3-D album cover features art by Gary Pullin and will house the double LP release. The gatefold cover is a 3-D lenticular print while the records are the colors of 3-D glasses, blue and red! Other cool additions are artwork from the alternate ending of the film.

Look for more information on the release sometime next week and get ready to buy this three dimensional release of Friday The 13th Part 3!