Tag Along With Jason Voorhees And Pals To Crystal Lake Elementary

Fan art that represents not only Friday The 13th, but the horror genre as a whole is always satisfying to view. Knowing that someone took the time to create a unique piece to show off their love of film characters is truly appreciated and very much welcomed.

Jean Paul Medellin is an artist from the Czech Republic and is one of those fans that has expressed his love of horror in a new illustration that has a number of famous screen villains in pint size form on their way to grade school at Crystal Lake Elementary. We have Jason Voorhees leading the pack of horror icons and on their way to school they pass by Norman Bates' house. Jean Paul has also created small backstories for each of the grade school slashers.

-Jason is the defacto leader of the group, always the adventurer, ready to jump to an adventure, specially in the forest, he loves them. (after Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th)

-You can have J without his best friend, Freddy, the prankster of the group, always with dark circles below his eyes, he's such a maniac of watching movies at night.(after Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street)

-Mike is a huge fan of Halloween, always eager to trick or treat, and for a strange reason, he really likes to use a clown costume.(after Michael Myers from Halloween)

-Tommy is the biggest of the group, he's not to happy with the math assignments, but whenever sport are involved, he's your man...well, kid he he. And boy does he loves beef! (after Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

-Elliot is always solving rubic cubes, every day he's getting better at it, one time he even said that he would like to create a cube of his own (after Pinhead from Hellraiser)

-The inventor of the group, you can count that John is helping Tommy with his math homework, and trying to make the rest of the gang to play a game with him. (after Jigsaw from Saw)

-Murphy is a big fan of Star Wars, huge, his biggest dream is to become a member of legion 501, he even has Elliot and John making him a helmet that will fit him. (after the xenomorph from Alien)

To see more of Jean Paul's work, visit his gallery of artwork and let us know what you think of his Crystal Lake Elementary piece!

via Popcorn Horror
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