Filming Locations: The Curious Goods Shop From 'Friday The 13th: The Series'

Friday The 13th: The Series centered around an antique shop in New Orleans called Curious Goods. The story would have the store owner struggling to make a profit and in turn selling his soul to the Devil in return for a successful business. The owner does indeed begin to receive great wealth from his deal with the Devil, but his greed would eventually cost him his life. After his death, the store would be given to his niece, and aided by her cousin, the duo would unknowingly begin selling off many of the cursed items. That was until a mysterious older man warned the family members of the evil that they had unleashed upon the world.

The series ran for three seasons and was filmed in various locations in Canada. One particular location was the Curious Goods shop, which can be found in Toronto, Ontario, and film location documentarian Robert Pattison recently found the shop and snapped some amazing pictures of what it looks like today.

The shop is now a men's clothing store called Gentil Uomo and the address is 19 Trinity Street, Toronto, Ontario and below are some great exterior and interior images of building. Take a look at the images below and make sure to visit Robert's film location site for many looks at your favorite films and where they were shot.