What Really Happened To Chris Higgins During Her Flashback With Jason In Part 3?

The debate has raged on for decades as to what happened to Chris Higgins during her flashback scene in Friday The 13th Part 3. The scene has the heroin encounter Jason Voorhees months earlier, before her trip to Higgins Haven with her friends, as she ran away from home after a fight with her parents. After falling asleep underneath an old Oak tree, she was startled awake by foot steps and the appearance of a mask-less Jason Voorhees. Chris is chased by Jason  and she blacks out after he captures her and drags her away.

During her telling of the events in her flashback, Chris mentions to her boyfriend Rick that she later awoke in her bed the next day without any recollection of what transpired after she was captured. So what really did happen to Chris after she blacked out? Many fans speculate that Jason did more than just capture and drag Chris away. Thoughts of rape have entered the minds of many people on this subject, but what about a another more interesting idea for what may have happened that night.

What if during the struggle with Jason, Chris hit her head on a tree and was knocked out? Since the flashback takes place during Jason's residence in his shack in Friday The 13th Part 2, he decides to drag Chris' body there to pile up with the rest of his victims. There he leaves Chris at the foot of the shrine to Mrs. Voorhees, assuming she has died after her blackout. Chris eventually comes to and realizes the shear horror of where she has been taken.

Eventually, she plots a way to escape the shack without Jason seeing her. Once she makes it out and into the woods, she blacks out once again near her home from the head trauma she endured from her struggle with Jason. Her constant blackouts eventually cause her to have memory loss. These events would explain a logical timeline of what happened to Chris after she was abducted, dispel the rape angle fans have hypothesized, and finally show how Chris made it home, in bed, and not remember what happened once Jason got his hands on her.

Again, this is just one fan's idea. What are your thoughts and does this theory make sense within the film and the earlier franchise canon?
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