Create Mrs. Voorhees With Your Own Paper Foldable!

The character Mrs. Voorhees is oddly one of the most beloved in the Friday The 13th franchise. Although she killed numerous people in Friday The 13th 1980, Pamela Voorhees is a somewhat relatable personality, who grieved for her son's tragic loss. Another part of the allure of the character is that actress Betsy Palmer emerged from the film as such a loving person in her own right and connected with fans across the world. Betsy's passing this year was a great loss for those fans who had met her and for everyone enjoyed her performance in the franchise. Now Betsy and her character Mrs. Voorhees have been immortalized in a fun tribute to the deranged killer.

Paper Foldable characters have been a fun hobby for many the last few years and recently created their rendition of Pamela Voorhees with an awesome paper foldable every Friday The 13th fan should enjoy. Check out the final product of Mrs. Voorhees below in all its glory. To download the foldable artwork to print at home, please click on the link below.

Mrs. Voorhees Downloadable Paper Foldable