Witness This Evolution Of Jason Voorhees Infographic

Jason Voorhees has become the centerpiece of one of the most popular and financially successful film franchises of all time. It's amazing to think that the beginnings of the character were merely a cheap parlor trick of sorts to elicit one final scare out of audiences at the end of Friday The 13th 1980. The success of the original forced Paramount to push forward with a sequel and miraculously bring Jason back from the depths of Crystal Lake to carry on the vengeful curse of the lake region.

The evolution of Jason finally reached its end game by Friday The 13th Part 3 with the introduction of the now infamous hockey mask, but subsequent sequels further evolved the character into more mainstream acceptance. What better season to celebrate such an important character in the horror genre than Halloween. As such, a very cool info-graphic was created by halloweencostumes.com to show the different stages in the metamorphosis of Jason Voorhees.

Check out the imagery below and tell us what you think of the once deformed and isolated child that became a full adulterated force of vengeful nature.

 The Evolution of Jason Voorhees

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