Top 3 Pranks Of The Friday The 13th Film Franchise

Our Ranking The Franchise series continues today as we have now put together our Top 3 pranks in the Friday The 13th film franchise! There are a number of pranks made throughout the franchise, which made it difficult to choose the three best prank scenes. Our readers may or may not agree with our rankings, but there are a number of pranks that could be ranked higher than what we have listed below.

3. "Wanna See My Trick Shot?"

In what would later be perceived as a great bit of foreshadowing, our number three prank of the Friday The 13th films takes place in the first film of franchise, Friday The 13th 1980. The original prankster, Ned, always yearned for attention and as he set his sights on the beautiful Brenda, it was clear to him what he had to do to impress her...shoot an arrow at her!

In a scene that has become famous more for it's use in marketing materials than perhaps what actually happens on film, Brenda is tasked with hanging the targets at the archery range at Camp Crystal Lake. As she places a single target and brushes herself off, an arrow flies right in front of her and hits the target. Frightened, Brenda looks toward where the arrow came from and sees Ned laughing and he asks, "Wanna See my trick shot? It's even better!"

Ned proves that maybe you should be more afraid of the people you do know more than the people you don't. Of course, Brenda dies at the archery range later that night at the hands of Mrs. Voorhees.

Let's mention a bit of trivia on this scene. Make-up effects artist Tom Savini is the person who shoots the arrow towards the target, and with no safety precautions in place in case the arrow strayed off course and towards actress Laurie Bartram (Brenda)!

 2. "I'm gonna give it to you straight about Jason"

Perhaps the most classic overall scene in the film franchise comes from Friday The 13th Part 2 when Paul Holt tells the twisted tale of Mrs. Voorhees and her son Jason. The campfire tale is synonymous with Horror films of this type and pretty much lays the ground work for what has happened before and what is to come. The twist on this campfire tale comes courtesy of Prankster Ted.

As the counselors-in-training gather around the camp fire, Paul Holt tells the story of Camp Crystal Lake and what happened five years earlier. As he dives further into the legend of Jason Voorhees, some people begin looking around due to strange noises coming from the woods. Suddenly, a masked man emerges from the trees with a spear and chases after the counselors. Shortly thereafter it is revealed that Ted is the would-be attacker and that he served his purpose to deliver Paul's message of staying away from Camp Crystal Lake.

Ted is the only prankster in the franchise to survive his film and the campfire scene is just as iconic in the franchise as the hockey mask and Jason Voorhees himself.

1. "I just want you to like me"

It is fitting that one of Shelly's pranks from Friday The 13th Part 3 makes the top spot in our list as many fans believe him to be the top prankster in the franchise. Many of our readers identify with Shelly and his plight for acceptance, but all of us would probably go about getting people to like us in much different ways outside of pretending to be a hockey masked killer or putting a meat cleaver in our head.

As Vera sits on the dock of Higgins Haven, hanging her legs over, she is suddenly grabbed by a mysterious man from underneath the water. Vera pulls her leg away and stands up quickly, peering into the water. Suddenly, a stocky, hockey mask wearing man jumps out of the water to startle her even further. Shelly quickly reveals that he is behind the mask, which upsets Vera.

Surprisingly, Shelly's prank does not gain him anymore points with Vera, but the scene is another iconic moment in the franchise showing the trademark hockey mask for the very first time in the franchise. We also learn that Shelly's whole world is quite expansive in that little box he brought with him.

What are your favorite pranks from the films and how would you rank them?

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